Cape Town’s bid story

The City of Cape Town's successful bid for World Design Capital 2014 was coordinated by the Cape Town Partnership, in collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders and supporters.

Sustain our Africa: Enough, for all, forever

How can Africa have enough, for all her residents, forever? Organisers of the Sustain our Africa summit, to be held at the V&A Waterfront from 22 to 28 October 2012, don't claim to have all the answers, but they are gathering together thought leaders from a variety of disciplines - from government and built environment officials through to eco-entrepreneurs and design educators - to start generating some workable, sustainable solutions.

Deon Robbertze, co-founder of Sustain Our Africa, explains: "The invitation to attend the Sustain Our Africa Summit, Expo and Festival is an invitation to open your mind and heart to a week that will create an inspirational and extraordinary platform for a pantheon of thought leaders and critical realists who are going to shake up the current reality in a most remarkable way." The dialogue will be led by Change Agents who have the expertise to guide us towards a sustainable future. In their experience lie the solutions - some outrageous and some exquisite in their simplicity but all revolutionary in their power to affect positive change - to our most pressing social, economic and environmental challenges.

"Experts are saying that the renaissance is some 10 to 15 years away. We know that radical change is needed now. To achieve that across Africa we require a change in both mindset and action. This gathering of dynamic leaders will inspire and guide African sustainability in a way that will catalyse new global thinking that leads to change through action.

"Our simple aim is to re-invent sustainability gatherings in a way that creates new solutions, builds new markets, drives practical action and provides the tools to address the interconnected threats of climate change, resource depletion, food shortages, flood and drought and inequality - a toxic mixture that could further deepen grinding poverty in parts of Africa. Even more importantly, we will reinforce the reality that environmental and social threats borne from our poor management of the planet are for today and not to be addressed over the next 10 to 15 years."

Designers, there's no doubt that workable solutions - to ensure we sustain our Africa – need your input. Want to become an agent for change?

Find out how to here:

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